Speckled Fabric AirPods Gen 3 Case
Gen 3 (2021) Change

Speckled Fabric AirPods Gen 3 Case

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Protective and stylish AirPods Case with a high-quality finish Learn More
Gen 3 (2021)
Variant: Speckled Fabric
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  • Innovative AiroShock™ technology provides serious impact protection
  • Easily charge your AirPods without removing your AirPods Case
  • A variety of distinct designs, for an individual aesthetic

An AirPods Case which offers maximum protection and maximum style

AiroShock High-Impact Tech
Durable and Robust
Keychain Connection
Rugged Aesthetic
Slim and Sleek
High-Quality Materials

Optimal Protection

A secure fit and impact-absorbing AiroShock™ technology team up to protect your AirPods Case charging case from impacts and scratches

Charging Made Easy

Our cases are wireless charging compatible, allow easy access to the charging port and don't obstruct the LED charging light so you can charge your AirPods without ever having to remove your case

Detachable Keychain

A detachable black carabiner keychain is included with all Mous AirPods Cases to help you keep your AirPods conveniently accessible and safe

Unique and Considered Design

A choice of distinct designs - black or brown leather which welcome the heritage ageing of the natural material, real Aramid Fibre or PU fabric in an attractive speckle design

“Ground-breaking… really, really good”
“Mous is an innovative company”
“Mous’s cases are tougher than the guy from The Revenant who fought a bear”
“[a] favourite brand of ours which provides high quality, rigorously tested phone cases.”

Extreme Drop Testing

We test our cases vigorously, far beyond what an AirPods Case is likely to go through, so you can rely on them in normal day-to-day use

Long-Lasting Protection

Our AirPods Cases are made from polycarbonate, the same material used in riot shields! This increases their durability, ensuring your AirPods are protected and your case maintains its appearance over time

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