A Year of Mous: What We Got Up to in 2021

A Year of Mous: What We Got Up to in 2021 typography

We have some huge plans for 2022 which we can’t wait to get started on. All this excitement is making us nostalgic, so let’s take a look back at all we’ve achieved this year.

2021 has been a big one here at Mous. We’ve launched more than 20 products, we’ve put together some beautiful shoots and we’ve done what might be our most extreme stunt yet. As the year began, our heads were down as we worked as fast as we could to respond to Apple’s MagSafe® - no easy feat in the middle of global lockdowns. We did it, and a whole lot more. Here are some of our highlights.

AutoAlign+™ wireless chargers

The start of 2021 feels like a long time ago and we fought the January blues by releasing our very first range of wireless chargers. Our AutoAlign+™ wireless chargers are designed to magnetically connect to Limitless 3.0 phone cases to deliver a perfectly optimised charge every time. The complementary magnetic arrays ensure that the charging coils in the phone and charger align exactly.

iPhone floating above a Mous AutoAlign+™ wireless charger on a table

You can purchase the pad in either real, sophisticated walnut or minimalist matte black. Speedy charges and serious style. We also make AutoAlign+™ wireless chargers with suction mounts or car vent mounts, and with a stand, so you can charge your phone wherever suits you.

2021 was off to a flying start and the momentum just kept on going...

Mous’s MagSafe compatible cases have landed

In February, a few short months after iPhone 12 and MagSafe’s announcement, we released the first instalment of our MagSafe compatible range. When Apple creates, Mous innovates and we engineered a whole new magnetic array for seamless MagSafe compatibility.

Mous MagSafe compatible cases with MagSafe compatible ring floating above

We designed two cases. Limitless 4.0 provided our signature high-impact protection, with an AiroShockTM lining and flawless MagSafe compatibility in a wide variety of stunning styles. Meanwhile, Infinity was our very first magnetic clear case. Completely MagSafe compatible with crystal-clear anti-yellowing tech, it didn’t skimp on protection either. Extremely rigid polycarbonate ensures it’s tough enough to withstand almost all of what life can throw at it.

Introducing AiroFoamTM

We have some impressive expertise when it comes to protecting phones and we decided it was time to turn our attention to larger devices. To do this, we developed a brand-new, state-of-the-art protective material, AiroFoamTM. This clever tech works by forming and breaking ultra-strong hydrogen bonds to absorb the impact of shocks, drops and falls.

Black Mous iPad cases above woman’s hand in front of corrugated metal

In March, we released our iPad cases. They’re engineered with AiroFoamTM and ultra-rigid materials to keep your device safe. They have four magnetically optimised standing angles for the perfect viewing experience, whatever you’re doing. We think they look pretty sleek.

We’ve also used AiroFoamTM to line our MacBook sleeves. It’s seriously useful stuff.

Father’s Day

One of our favourite shoots of 2021 came in June with our Father’s Day campaign. With a whole lot of new products to celebrate, we wanted to show our appreciation for the dads out there too. Someone as special as your dad deserves a gift which is just as great. But we know a gift from the heart doesn’t have to come from your hands. Instead of DIY this year, we did it with Mous.

Mous products hanging from cables including phone wallets, protective cases and phone cables

Even more MagSafe compatible products

We started with two cases and a card wallet and our MagSafe compatible range just kept expanding. Over the summer, we launched a flip wallet, a MagSafe compatible charger, dock and stand, a car vent mount, a suction mount, and, in the last few weeks, wireless charging mounts too. Our MagSafe compatible range now includes 11 products. That’s a whole lot in one year.

At Mous, we’ve always believed you can expect more from your tech. That’s why we’ve engineered a massive MagSafe compatible range which expands the functionality of your phone. The possibilities are limitless.

Mous MagSafe compatible accessories including wireless chargers, phone wallets, phone mounts, MagSafe compatible cases

iPhone 13 has lift-off

September brought our favourite time of year - the iPhone launch. The anticipation was building all summer since we had no idea what Apple was about to do. The iPhone 13 was worth the wait - it brought incredible new processing power and battery life with a groundbreaking new camera. We brought out three fantastic cases - Limitless 4.0, Infinity and Clarity. 

We made our name through the crazy drop-tests we do to celebrate iPhone launches and in 2021 we did our most extreme stunt to date. James Griffith, our CEO, went hurtling down the fastest zipline in the world at over 100mph and he dropped a brand-new iPhone 13 Pro in a Mous case off it. It was completely fine. This stunt might be a tough act to follow and we’re already looking forward to the challenge.

Christmas has come early

The days were getting shorter and here in London the temperature was dropping, so we raised our spirits with a Christmas campaign shoot. We know that great things come in small packages and little things can go a long way, which is why we’re loving the little things this Christmas and celebrating all our favourite smaller accessories. We hope you love them too.

Mous ecosystem including protective phone case, AirPods case, MagSafe compatible wireless charger and christmas baubles

Here’s to 2022!

2021 has been a busy year full of exciting products, stunts and shoots, and we’re in for an even bigger 2022. Mous wouldn’t be Mous without our amazing customers who helped us launch with our original crowdfunding campaign and have watched us grow, or the new ones who’ve loved our products and pushed us to make them even better.

Happy holidays and a happy new year!

A variety of Mous products including iPhone 13 cases, iPad case, MacBook Pro sleeve and MagSafe compatible accessories

About Mous

Living without limits isn’t just a tagline; it’s a belief. Tech is an integral part of modern life and we believe we can remove its limitations through relentlessly high-quality products which combine extreme performance, serious style and limitless functionality. This is the ethos we apply to everything we make, from ultra-protective clear cases to Apple Watch accessories to AirTag cases.

Mous. Live without limits. 

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