Behind the scenes: Our extreme stunt at Google HQ

Last year, something incredible happened at Mous – we teamed up with Google to create the world's first Made for Google certified magnetic phone case. The excitement at Mous HQ was off the charts.

As part of this collaboration, we got the chance to visit the legendary Googleplex in San Francisco, California. And in true Mous fashion, we wanted to make it a moment to remember.

We packed our gear, brought along the talented mountain biker, Sam Pilgrim, and put our IntraLock® mounting system to the ultimate test on the new Pixel 7. Sam even pulled off a jaw-dropping backflip over the iconic Google sign!

But we didn't stop there. In an unprecedented move, we were given permission to drop a Pixel 7 in a Made for Google Mous case off the Googleplex rooftop. Watch the video above to see what went down (besides the phone).


"We all had some good laughs about this concept. We don't usually have people filming on campus, especially high adrenaline sports. However, we saw the value in it, and we have such a great relationship with Mous that we wanted to enable the team to really test their cases on campus and spend more time with us."

– Nicole Laferriere, PgM Pixel – Made for Google 


Working with Google has been nothing short of extraordinary. It's taken our innovation to new heights and allowed us to push the boundaries even further. We couldn't be more grateful for this incredible experience and we're excited for what's to come next.

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