Fabric Phone Cases: The Rundown

When you’re thinking about a fabric phone case, you might think about an aesthetic phone case, or a flimsy phone case, or you might not know what to think about at all. When we designed our speckled fabric cases, we wanted to create an unparalleled aesthetic experience without compromising on Mous’s extreme protection. Here’s how we made our speckled fabric phone cases and AirPods cases:

What is a speckled fabric phone case made of?

The speckled material on our fabric phone cases is two layers of material laminated together to create a coated fabric. On the bottom is a layer of woven polyester. Much like the rest of the phone case’s construction, this material allows the fabric case to be very thin while still being very strong. The top layer, which is the bit of your fabric phone case you hold onto, is made of Polyurethane (PU). 

PU is an incredibly versatile type of plastic. It’s used in waterproof jackets, in running shoes, and even in our very own AiroFoamTM technology. It’s also the same material which is on the bumper* of all our cases, including, of course, the speckled fabric phone case and the speckled fabric AirPods case.

How did we design our speckles on the fabric phone case?

We didn’t decide to make fabric phone cases for the sake of it: we wanted to create a truly aesthetic phone case experience. Originally we based the speckled pattern printed on our fabric cases on an earlier leather design, but we saw an opportunity to enhance the user experience. By using fabric we created a very different textural experience for our Limitless and AirPods cases ranges. 

Our exceptionally talented designers looked closely at the stunning natural scatter on leather and drew digital speckles based on it. They then experimented with them in various shapes and sizes until they’d made a fantastic pattern to sit on our fabric phone case.

The fabric phone cases are silk screen printed with the speckle pattern. This involves pushing ink through a screen which has been blocked out where the ink isn’t wanted, so only the pattern comes through. The ink is also made from PU. So versatile. This keeps the pattern bonded onto the fabric very firmly, which in turn keeps your phone case aesthetic for as long as possible. 

Our speckled fabric cases have a grippy, soft-touch feel. Your fabric phone case will feel as snug in your hand as your phone feels in your case.

Introducing our speckled fabric phone cases and AirPods cases

We decided to make our Limitless 3.0 phone cases, Limitless 4.0 phone cases and all generations of our AirPods cases available in speckled fabric. 

Our Limitless 3.0 range is designed for extreme protection and ultimate functionality. It’s constructed to work seamlessly with Qi wireless charging, and our innovative AutoAlignPlusTM system connects it with a whole range of accessories to supercharge your phone’s functionality.

With the release of Apple MagSafe®, we innovated again to create the Limitless 4.0 range. These cases are designed to be completely compatible with the MagSafe ecosystem, while still providing the same levels of protection, functionality and aesthetic as our previous Limitless ranges. Our Limitless 4.0 speckled fabric phone cases provide a unique aesthetic for your phone and a very different texture to our other options, while maintaining and enhancing your phone’s core functionality.

Our fabric phone cases in the Limitless ranges compliment our speckled fabric AirPods case perfectly. Mous’s AirPods cases are constructed to provide extreme protection to your charging case using AiroShockTM technology while providing a refined feel in your hand. With a speckled fabric AirPods case, you can be sure your AirPods are secure and still look stunning next to your Limitless speckled fabric phone case.

Check out our speckled fabric Limitless 3.0, Limitless 4.0 and AirPods cases now.

About Mous

At Mous we believe that phone cases can be both protective and aesthetic. We realised that cases which claimed to be protective were chunky and unattractive and that slim cases didn't  protect your phone. So we started dropping iPhones out of helicopters and throwing cases off 45ft cranes to ensure our testing was as rigorous as possible. We want to raise people’s expectations of what a case can deliver, creating products that protect and enhance your most valued tools.

We’re expanding people’s everyday experiences with their technology with a range of products including the Mous iPad case, Qi wireless chargers, and extremely protective clear cases - Clarity and Infinity.

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