How to find your AirPods

One of the principal concerns for those with AirPods is losing them. These tiny gadgets come with a less-than-tiny price tag so the possibility of misplacing one can be daunting, but with our handy guide you need never worry about the location of your AirPods again.

 how to stop losing AirPods


How to Find AirPods Using The ‘Find My’ App

The easiest way to locate your missing AirPods is by utilising the ‘Find My’ app on your iPhone (formally ‘Find My iPhone’). Although the app was initially designed for finding missing phones and laptops, Apple has increased its functionality, allowing you to locate any device on your iCloud account, including your AirPods.

In order to track down your missing AirPods using your phone, simply: 

  1. Open your device and head to the ‘Find My’ app
  2. Click on the tab marked ‘Devices’ and select your AirPods 
  3. At this point you’ll be able to see your AirPods on a map and can get directions to their location 
  4. When they’re in the same location as you, press ‘Play Sound’ and they will begin to beep, gradually increasing in volume

Don’t panic if you don’t have your iPhone to hand, you can also locate your AirPods from your computer or Mac.  

  1. Go to iCloud.comsign in to your account and open the ‘Find My’ app
  2. Click on your AirPods to see their location or press ‘Play Sound’ to follow the beeps


How to Find One Missing AirPod

Naturally, given that they’re not connected by a cable, it’s easy to lose one AirPod or to lose both of them in different places. The good news is that you can still utilise the ‘Find My’ app to track each of them down. When you've selected ‘Play Sound’, you’ll be given the option to choose whether you’d like the left or right AirPod to play the locating tone, helping guide you to the specific AirPod that you’ve misplaced.


How to Find AirPods that are Offline

If your missing AirPods are turned off, out of battery, or out of range, they will show up as ‘Offline’ on the ‘Find My’ app. Don’t panic though, you can still follow the above steps to see their general location. You won’t be able to play a sound to locate them however, so you’re going to have to search the old-fashioned way. It’s also worth noting that the ‘Find My’ app will show the location they were in when they last had charge - if they ran out of battery or were switched off and then moved, you may end up looking in the wrong place.

 this walkthrough can help you to not lose your AirPod


How to Stop AirPods From Going Missing

In an ideal world, you wouldn’t lose your AirPods in the first place, which is where Mous comes in. All of our AirPods cases come with a detachable black carabiner keychain to help you keep your AirPods conveniently accessible, safe and secure. By attaching your AirPods case to your keys, bag, belt or wallet, you don’t need to worry about losing them in the first place. Brilliant news.


Introducing Mous AirPods Cases

At Mous, we know how easy it is to put our technology through the ringer without meaning to, so as well as keeping your AirPods safe from being misplaced, our AirPods cases are built with impact-absorbing AiroShock™ technology, protecting your AirPods charging case from impacts and scratches. Our cases are wireless charging compatible, allow easy access to the charging port and don't obstruct the LED charging light so you don’t have to remove your cover every time you want to charge your AirPods. As well as providing maximum functionality, our AirPods cases feature a minimalist design and real, high-quality materials, offering protection without sacrificing on style.

If you want to find out more about caring for your AirPods, why not check out our smart guide to cleaning your AirPods case.


About Mous

Mous was founded on the belief that phone cases could be both protective and aesthetic. We found that cases which boasted protectivity were chunky and unattractive and that slim cases did very little to protect your phone. We took to the most rigorous product testing imaginable, throwing cases off 45ft cranes and dropping iPhones out of helicopters - we know nothing will make your tech indestructible but that doesn’t stop us from trying. Our ultimate goal is to raise people’s expectations of what a case can deliver, creating beautiful and practical products that can protect your most valued tools.

As well as beautiful and highly protective phone cases, we’ve created a range of other accessories including screen protectors, phone wallets, phone mounts and more. 


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