Mother's Day Gift Guide

Which Mous is right for your mum’s house?

Are you looking for the best possible Mother’s Day presents? Are you considering tech accessory gifts? Look no further than our Mother’s Day gift guide.

We use our tech all the time, so getting your mum tech accessory gifts means she’ll use her Mother’s Day presents every single day. And not only will she use it, the gifts you’ve bought her will expand the experiences she has with her everyday tech, every day. She’ll think of you as she takes out her credit card. She’ll think of you when she watches her iPad. She’ll think of you as she admires her new phone, wondering why you haven’t called yet. 

Bring your mum that connection and bring her Mous’s extreme protection, functionality and style. 

Check out our top picks for Mother’s Day presents:

Limitless 3.0 - for mums new to Mous

If your mum is new to the world of Mous or needs a little upgrade, Limitless 3.0 is a great option for Mother’s Day phone gifts. It’s the perfect starting point to make the most of her phone and to expand her experiences with her tech. Limitless 3.0 provides ultimate protection and functionality in a variety of stylish designs. It’s also fully compatible with the whole Mous ecosystem of magnetic accessories including wallets, mounts, and our range of Qi certified wireless chargers.

Which brings us onto our next Mous Mother’s Day Gift Guide suggestion…

Limitless 3.0 Flip Wallet - for the clumsy mums

Limitless 3.0 Flip Wallet is ideal for those clumsier mums who drop things and forget things a little too often. If your mum already has a beautiful Limitless 3.0 and you’re looking for tech accessory gifts to help her look after her things, the flip wallet is perfect. If she doesn’t, why not grab them both? The flip wallet provides extra protection against scratches for both her phone screen and her case, as well as expanding its functionality with some handy storage spaces. Featuring three card slots, a note band for cash, an internal pocket for receipts and a built-in stand, there’s so much less to remember when she goes out. 

Infinity Case - for the technophiles

Our next top pick for our Mother’s Day Gift Guide is perfect if you’re looking for a Mother’s Day phone gift for a true technophile. Infinity is our first clear magnetic case. It’s ultra-thin without compromising on extreme protection. Not only will Infinity show off the beautiful back of your mum’s iPhone 12, but it will provide access to the Apple MagSafe® ecosystem and the Mous MagSafe compatible ecosystem. Clear, protective, and MagSafe compatible: if your mum loves her phone, she’ll love Infinity.

Leather AirPods Cases - for the music lovers

You might be looking for a tech gift for a mum who loves her music wherever she goes. That’s why we’ve included our leather AirPods cases in the Mother’s Day Gift Guide. It will protect her AirPods charging case from impact and scratches while providing easy access to the charging port and LED charging light. We love the leather design because it ages beautifully so that no two cases end up the same. Consider a refined and unique leather AirPods case for a mum with refined and unique playlists.

iPad Cases - for the creatives

Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Mous iPad Case. For all those creative mums, this case will protect her iPad from any number of shocks, drops and falls. Whether she expresses her creativity by drawing on her iPad or watching arthouse films, there’s a standing angle for everything. With all sorts of clever built-in features, the Mous iPad Case is a brilliant choice for Mother’s Day tech gifts. It’ll protect her tech no matter what she’s doing with it. 

Mous has you covered

However you’re celebrating, whoever your mum is, our Mother’s Day Gift Guide has you covered: you can’t go wrong with our tech accessory gifts. Mous’s ethos of extreme protection, functionality and style is the best Mother’s Day present. Take a look at Limitless 3.0Limitless 3.0 Flip WalletInfinityAirPods cases and iPad Cases.

We Are Mous

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