Mous: The Untold Startup Story

We’ve created so much content over the years, from our extreme annual stunts to our in-depth product show-and-tells. This, however, is the story we’ve never told… until now. Watch as our cofounders recount Mous’s remarkable story, from multiple failures to becoming a global business employing more than 100 people and shipping millions of products globally.

All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible support from you, our Mous community. From our customers to investors and original Indiegogo backers, thank you for coming on this mad journey with us – we can’t wait for the next chapter!

“We wanted to capture the authentic Mous story and share it with our community. Our CEO, James, was adamant we included all the details so everyone gets a true sense of what it's really like building a brand – the difficult lows as well as the highs. Most of this was from James's and the other cofounders’ memories. We genuinely couldn’t believe some of the stories!”
Piers Nathan, Creative Strategist

This documentary is one of our most ambitious pieces of content to date. For almost two months our creative team has been hard at work to bring this to life, poring over every tiny detail, from piecing together the script to unearthing lots of fun footage from the Mous archive.

It all started by creating a script that reflected the timeline of Mous, with James, our CEO and cofounder, guiding the narrative. We then carefully trimmed certain sections while preserving the authenticity and excitement of the story to keep the running time at 22 minutes. Our creative team interviewed all the cofounders, using their insightful knowledge and fun anecdotes to enhance the narrative, before we added music and spiced things up with B-roll footage from the Mous archive and some candid phone clips captured by our cofounders from day one. 

“I loved working on this project as documentary-style filmmaking is my favourite format for storytelling. As someone who's worked at Mous for a while and been involved in lots of big brand moments, it made me realise just how much history there is to Mous. I've newfound respect for just how far we've come.”
Skip Grieg, Videographer and Editor

Behind the scenes of Mous – The Untold Startup Story

2 – The number of months our creative team worked to edit and finalise this documentary.
4 – The number of days it took to film the cofounders’ interviews.
12 – The number of hours of cofounder interview footage we had to review and edit.
22 – The running time of the final edit of our story.
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