The Whole Universe of Mous’s iPhone 13 Accessories

You have your iPhone 13, you have your iPhone 13 case, so now it’s time to choose your iPhone 13 accessories. This is one of the really exciting things about iPhone 13 MagSafe® - cases and accessories which facilitate your phone’s native capabilities are at your fingertips. We have a range of magnetic modular add-ons to complement and enhance your Mous iPhone 13 MagSafe compatible case.

iPhone 13 screen protectors

When it comes to looking after your iPhone 13, protective cases aren’t enough. Alongside your iPhone 13 case, choose between a tempered glass or hybrid glass iPhone 13 screen protector for maximum protection against drops, shocks and falls. This is one of the most vital iPhone 13 accessories you can purchase. 

iPhone 13 wallets

It’s so useful being able to keep all of your most important possessions protected in one place. That’s why some of the iPhone 13 accessories we’re making are MagSafe compatible wallets. We have a black leather wallet with two card slots which connects securely to your iPhone 13 case. Its slim and sleek design means you’ll hardly notice it on your iPhone 13 case. We’re also making a stunning black flip wallet to keep your iPhone 13, case and accessory options as flexible as possible. Either of our MagSafe compatible wallets is a great addition to your iPhone 13 MagSafe compatible case.

iPhone 13 mounts

Your collection of iPhone 13 accessories can’t be complete without a MagSafe compatible mount. Fortunately, we have two to choose from. Our car vent mount clips securely onto your vent slats so you can skip songs or check directions on the move. Meanwhile, our MagSafe compatible suction mount will stick to any flat, glossy surface, whether you’re following a recipe in your kitchen or a tutorial in your bathroom. Use your iPhone 13 MagSafe - cases and naked phones alike will stay firmly connected. This seamless MagSafe compatible connection elevates our iPhone 13 accessories and your iPhone 13 case.

iPhone 13 chargers

One of the most important iPhone 13 accessories you can get is a MagSafe compatible charger. The new iPhones have massive batteries and you should be able to keep it charged however suits you best. You don’t need to take your iPhone 13 case off to make the most of our MagSafe compatible charger. You can also purchase it with a dock to keep it secure on your desk or nightstand, or with a stand at the optimal 66 degree viewing angle. 

Mous’s iPhone 13 accessories

We have a huge universe of iPhone 13 accessories to complement your new iPhone 13 case. You can shop the whole range here.

We are Mous

Mous was founded in 2014. The marketplace was uninspiring - phone cases were either pretty and not protective at all or protective and ugly. We saw a way to do better. We were inspired to create tech accessories which could enhance and elevate the range of experiences our customers could have with their tech. After plenty of product testing, we make a range of accessories including MacBook sleeves, AirTag cases and iPad cases.

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