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Phone Cases

At Mous, you can find high-quality phone cases designed to match the standards of your beloved tech. Explore our wide range of Mous phone cases, catering to all your needs. Whether you require an extremely protective phone case to defend against drops and shocks or prefer a super slim and sleek aesthetic with our ultra-thin cases, we have you covered. Looking to express your personal style? Our Mous Collabs printed phone cases feature stunning artworks, vibrant colours and stylish prints and patterns to suit your taste. Plus, most of our phone cases are MagSafe® compatible, allowing you to seamlessly connect with a variety of magnetic add-ons such as chargers, wallets and accessories. Whether it's protection, functionality, style or a combination of all three, find your perfect Mous phone case for Apple, Google Pixel or Samsung devices. Shop now and live better with technology.


Protective phone cases

Experience unrivalled protection with Mous phone cases engineered with our bespoke AiroShock® technology. Designed to absorb impacts and reduce deceleration, this innovative material provides ultimate defence while maintaining an ultra-slim profile. Our phone cases also feature raised edges at the top and bottom, ensuring screen protection without sacrificing edge-to-edge swiping. For optimal screen protection, we recommend combining our protective phone cases with a high-quality screen protector. Discover the perfect balance of slim design and uncompromising protection with Mous phone cases.


Functional phone cases

Unlock the full potential of your phone with a functional phone case from Mous, designed to enable and enhance your lifestyle. Whether you're an adventurous off-road biker, a road-trip enthusiast, a hiking trail explorer or a city dweller, your phone should elevate every experience. That's why we've developed a range of highly functional modular magnetic add-ons for our versatile phone cases. Our magnetic wallets offer a secure and seamless connection, providing convenience and peace of mind. With our reliable mounts, enjoy hands-free functionality wherever you go. Explore our collection of functional phone cases today and empower your phone to match your dynamic lifestyle.


Stylish phone cases

Express your unique style with our collection of stylish phone cases. Opt for our clear phone cases, crafted from ultra-rigid polycarbonate to provide reliable protection while showcasing the original aesthetic of your device. These cases feature an anti-UV and scratch-resistant coating, ensuring a long-lasting crystal-clear appearance. Or explore our Limitless range, offering backplates like speckled fabric and timeless black leather. If you're looking for a phone case that truly reflects your individuality, our Mous Collabs line is the perfect choice. Discover captivating artworks, vibrant colours and stylish prints and patterns that align with your unique style and personality. Find the perfect phone case to showcase your individuality and elevate your tech accessories game.


Thin phone cases

Looking for the perfect super-thin phone case to complement your device? Discover our collection of ultra-thin phone cases, meticulously designed to maintain the original look and feel of your phone while providing everyday protection against minor accidents and mishaps. Our super-slim phone cases are expertly engineered to be sleek and slender, offering a seamless fit that adds minimal bulk to your device. Choose from a variety of styles, including aramid fibre and soft silicone, to find the perfect match for your preferences. Our silicone cases come in a wide range of vibrant colours, allowing you to personalise your phone with style. These phone cases are specifically designed for those who prefer a minimalist approach, providing slim and stylish protection without compromising on everyday durability.


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