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iPhone 11 Cases

Protect your phone with an iPhone 11 case. Our phones are one of our most important possessions and keep us in contact with friends and family. But because we use them so often they’re prone to accidents like drops and falls. Not using a case, or using the wrong case can lead to smashed screens and hefty repair bills.

Protective Cases for iPhone 11

Available in a range of styles and materials, our iPhone 11 cases are perfect for keeping your tech safe. We aim to create beautifully crafted cases that protect your phone from all angles. Not only do our cases protect the back of your phone, but they also offer protection for your screen. If you’re still nervous about scratching your screen we also have brilliant screen protectors for that extra peace of mind. We don’t think you should have to sacrifice your aesthetic to guard your phone. Whether you’re looking for a clear case to show off your device’s natural beauty or looking for something sophisticated like a bamboo backed phone, we have a phone case for you!

All of our protective iPhone 11 cases have our unique AiroShock™ material that absorbs energy from any drops and falls. This material is what allows us to keep our phones so slimline, so you know your phone is going to look good, whilst also being protected. All of our iPhone 11 cases are compatible with Qi wireless chargers.

About Mous Cases

We noticed that phone cases came in two categories: either bulky but protective, or slimline and attractive but with little protection. We wanted to create beautiful cases that sat in between the two. So after dropping phones from 45ft and finding the perfect way to keep our phones secure, we started a crowdfunding campaign and the rest is history. Not only do we create phone cases, but AirPods case covers, car phone mounts and so much more.

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