Walnut Charging Pad with MagSafe®
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Walnut Charging Pad with MagSafe®

Tk 12,300.00
Charge your phone twice as fast with this sleek, compact charging pad with official MagSafe® technology from Apple. Learn More
Variant: Walnut
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  • Made with official MagSafe® technology for a seamless magnetic wireless charging experience.
  • Easily attaches to and detaches from our Elevated Apple Watch® Charger through a powerful magnetic pogo connection.
  • Charge your iPhone twice as fast with charging speeds of up to 15W.
  • Also charges AirPods and Android devices in Mous MagSafe® compatible phone cases.
  • Heatsink thermal interface assembly prevents overheating. You get a consistent fast charging experience for longer.
  • Led light provides alway-on feedback. Stay informed of your device's charging status.
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