Limitless 5.0 - MagSafe® Compatible Aramid Fibre Phone Case

Limitless 5.0 - MagSafe® Compatible Aramid Fibre Phone Case

From FCFA10,000 FCFA56,300
The ultimate protective, magnetic case, with MagSafe® compatible technology and AiroShock® protection, Limitless 5.0 offers unrivalled defence and a range of stylish backplates. Learn More
Variant: Aramid Fibre


Aramid Fibre

Black Leather



Silver Pearl

Speckled Fabric

Atlantic Blue

Forest Green

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Hybrid Glass Screen Protector (2 Pack)

From FCFA10,170 FCFA11,300 From FCFA11,300 FCFA18,800

MagSafe® Compatible Card Wallet 2.0

+FCFA24,300 FCFA27,000 +FCFA27,000

MagSafe® Compatible Phone Ring and Stand


Matte Black MagSafe® Compatible Charger

+FCFA22,355 FCFA26,300 +FCFA26,300

USB C to Lightning Cable

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USB C Power Adaptor

From FCFA6,750 FCFA7,500 From FCFA7,500 FCFA18,800

Aramid Fibre Charging Station with MagSafe®


Orange & White Wrist Strap

+FCFA4,200 FCFA6,000 +FCFA6,000

Aramid Fibre Charging Pad with MagSafe®


Black Phone Sling


Tonal Grey Wrist Strap

+FCFA4,200 FCFA6,000 +FCFA6,000

Purple Phone Sling


Green Phone Sling


Black & Blue Wrist Strap

+FCFA4,200 FCFA6,000 +FCFA6,000

Black & White Wrist Strap

+FCFA4,200 FCFA6,000 +FCFA6,000

MagSafe® Compatible Car Vent Mount

+FCFA27,000 FCFA30,000 +FCFA30,000

MagSafe® Compatible Suction Mount

+FCFA27,000 FCFA30,000 +FCFA30,000

MagSafe® Compatible Charger Stand

+FCFA19,125 FCFA22,500 +FCFA22,500

  • Engineered to be MagSafe® compatible, connect to a range of accessories and enable optimised wireless charging.
  • Extreme impact protection with AiroShock® defensive technology, a high-defense camera bump and ultra-rigid materials.
  • Choose from a range of stylish backplates in a sleek, slim profile.
  • Built with a microfibre lining to protect the back of your phone.
  • Rippled grip ribs to prevent slips and eyelets on either side to pair with wrist straps and phone slings.
  • This is a case that lasts thanks to an interlocking TPU construction.