AirTag Keychain Case
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AirTag Keychain Case

16.900 CF
An AirTag keychain case crafted from real black leather with two distinct attachment options. Learn More
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  • Slip your Apple AirTag inside our leather case and attach it to whatever you might want to track
  • Dual attachment options to ensure you can fasten your AirTags to whichever items you use the most
  • With a keyring for more permanent connection and a snap fastening loop so you can attach to multiple items
  • Crafted to look timeless and refined without standing out

Protecting what you’re least likely to find and most likely to miss.

Durable and Robust
Useful Design Features
Keychain Connection
Slim and Sleek
Real Leather
High-Quality Materials

Protect the Things You Love the Most

The secure connection of our AirTags case gives you the ability to protect what matters most to you. Snap it on your camera bag, or slip it on your dog’s collar to help track them down in an emergency.

Keyring Functionality

For a more permanent attachment, simply wind the keyring onto your car keys or the zip of your wallet and never need to look for your most important possessions again.

Snap Fastening Loop

The snap fastening is easy to use but won’t fall off during day-to-day use, so you can track multiple items throughout your day.

Magnetic Security

A magnetically optimised closing ensures that your AirTag will always be exactly where you left it, even when you can’t remember where that is.

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No Unnecessary Bulk

Your AirTag should be as versatile as you are, so this AirTag keychain case is ultra-thin and built to add absolutely no superfluous weight to your device.

Unobtrusive and Understated

Your AirTag is an integral security device, so our design is crafted so as not to stand out. The simple black exterior blends in perfectly with your bag or wallet, and conceals the AirTag design.

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