5 reasons you need an AirPods case cover

Most consumers are aware of the benefits of purchasing a case for their phone, but coverings for smaller gadgets, like AirPods, aren’t as commonplace. Whether you’ve just bought a brand-new pair of AirPods or you’ve had your earbuds for a while, the right time to purchase a case cover for them was yesterday. Here are five reasons that a covering for your AirPods is a crucial investment.

why you need to buy an airpod case cover


1) Protect Against Scratches

Your shiny white AirPod Charging Case might be beautiful when it first arrives, but by the time it’s embarked on a handful of trips to the bottom of your bag, it can start to look scuffed and worn. An AirPods case is the most effective way to keep your AirPods charging case from cosmetic damage.

It is, however, particularly important to purchase a case which wraps snugly around the body of the AirPods charging case. Gaps can allow dust to become trapped between the charging case and the case itself and these particles then cause scratches and external damage. Mous AirPods cases are engineered to offer the snuggest fit possible, ensuring that dirt and grime can’t enter the body of your case or become trapped between the Apple charging case and your outer AirPods case.


2) Drop Protection

It’s not just the case itself that needs protection from accidental damage, you principally want to ensure that no harm comes to the AirPods inside. Although Apple’s charging case is designed to house the earbuds when they’re not in use, it doesn’t offer adequate protection against the kind of major impacts which can cause extensive damage to the AirPods themselves.

The best defence against shocks and drops is an impact-absorbing case. At Mous, our AirPods Cases are lined with AiroShock™, an impressive material which absorbs the energy of drops and dampens impacts by slowing down the rate of deceleration. All of our cases are designed with maximum protection in mind, extensively defending your gadgets against accidental damage. 


3) Improves Grip

In an ideal world, you wouldn’t drop your AirPods at all, and a case can help with that too. Attractive though the white AirPods Charging Case may be, it’s undeniably slippery and it’s all too easy for your case to slide straight out of your hand. Made from real leather, our AirPods cases offer a rugged, textured finish, helping you keep a firm grip on your tech. 


4) Loss Prevention

AirPods are all too easy to lose, even when they’re in their case, which is why we’ve designed our AirPods cases to include a keychain. Simply attach the keyring to your keys, belt loop or bag strap and you can easily and conveniently access your AirPods. And if you do happen to misplace your AirPods when they’re not in their case, we’ve got a guide to recovering your missing earbuds

 protect your airpods with an airpods case cover


5) Unique Aesthetic 

Aesthetic can be as important as functionality, and there’s no reason your AirPods case shouldn’t help you express your personal style. The ubiquity of AirPods means that they’re no longer an accessory which makes you stand out from the crowd - a unique case, however, can be a talking point or a fashion statement. 

With a rugged, real leather exterior, available in black or brown, Mous AirPods cases are as individual as you are. Both leather finishes have been chosen and designed to age gracefully and uniquely, developing character as they are used. Keep your eyes peeled for more real-material case designs coming very soon.


About Mous

Mous was born when we realised that slim cases weren’t protective and protective cases were ugly, inspiring us to develop a range of phone cases that were both extremely protective and beautifully crafted. From dropping phones off 45ft cranes to throwing iPhones out of helicopters, our journey has been anything but traditional. We want to raise people’s expectations of what a phone case can deliver, creating beautiful and practical products that can protect your most valued tools.

We’ve managed to make our ideas of aesthetic, but protective phone cases into reality, alongside creating other phone accessories including screen protectors, car phone mounts, smartphone wallets, and more. 


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