Black Friday Gift Ideas

We all love a Black Friday deal - and if you’re anything like us, you’ve probably had your list in place for months. This time of year is also the perfect time to get those Christmas gifts too, or stock up for any birthdays or big occasions coming up. So whether you’re treating yourself to a new addition for your tech or buying for someone else, here are our best Black Friday gift ideas. And they’re all up to 70% off in our Black Friday Sale.

For the minimalist

For that person who lives by the ‘less is more’ ethos. Their style is pared back, their tech is streamlined and you’d never find them with anything over the top. Their phone case of choice? It’s clear, straightforward and equal in form and function. Our Clarity 2.0 phone case is the most advanced clear case out there. It’s got MagSafe® compatible technology, AiroShock™ impact protection and a crystal clear backplate. It’s also slim and lightweight, so won’t add any bulk to their all-important look. 

Speaking of bulky, how about adding a MagSafe® compatible card wallet to their gift? Its slim, sleek design is made from real leather and it securely and reliably connects with MagSafe® compatible cases and phones. So there’s no need for any more unnecessary extras. 

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For the accident prone

Know someone who’s forever dropping their all-important tech? Cases with epic protection will be among the best Black Friday gift ideas for them. Our Limitless 5.0 phone case has ultimate impact protection with AiroShock™ defensive technology, a high-defense camera bump and ultra-rigid materials. Plus it’s got rippled grip ribs and double wrist strap eyelets to stop them dropping their phone in the first place. Aramid fibre is known for its extreme durability, so this will suit even the most frequent of droppers. Read our guide to aramid fibre to find out more. 

If they’re an iPad user, our iPad case will make the perfect gift. It’s got innovative AiroFoam™ technology and rigid construction for complete drop and shock protection. Plus, four standing angles will make their iPad as useful and versatile as possible.

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For the adventurer

You know the type. They’re constantly planning out their next epic cycling trip, or mapping out their motorcycling route along an incredible coastline somewhere. They’re never far from their next adventure and they need some hardy kit to match their big plans. Our Evolution cycle essentials kit includes our IntraLock™ phone case - Evolution, a Red Dot product design award winning case that combines mechanical mounting technology, IntraLock™, MagSafe® compatibility and Mous-grade protection. This kit also includes our IntraLock™ bike mount, which allows them to mount their phone to their bike safely, securely and easily with IntraLock™ mechanical mounting technology.

We’ve got a version for motorcyclists too. Our IntraLock™ motorcycle mount has the same IntraLock™ technology for an ultra-secure mechanical connection. It’s also got custom, state-of-the-art vibration dampening technology and four different spacers to connect to almost all handlebar sizes.

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For the traveller 

The person who’s always on the go - for business, leisure and everything in between. They’ve almost always got a bag packed and they need some hard wearing accessories that will carry their tech seamlessly. Let them track their suitcase with ease with our AirTag keychain case, crafted from real black leather. They can slip their Apple AirTag into the case, which comes with dual attachment options to ensure they can fasten their AirTags to whichever items they use the most. 

If they’re using their MacBook on the road, our MacBook Pro sleeve is ultra-protective and water resistant, and is engineered with innovative, high-impact AiroFoam™ technology for total, extreme shock and drop protection. It’s also designed with a PET lined backplate, to shield their MacBook Pro from being pierced.

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