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Great things come in small packages - but everyone needs a little help to find the perfect tech gifts. This year, let Mous help you find the greatest little gift to help celebrate this Christmas. We’ve put together our definitive Christmas gift guide to help you find the most functional phone case, magnetic wall mount or protective card wallet to give to those special people in your life. 

This is no ordinary tech gift guide. We want to elevate your loved ones’ everyday experiences with our industry-leading tech accessories. So take a look through our Christmas gift guide to look at the tech gifts on offer and remember, all great things come in small packages.

For all creatures, great and small, the perfect tech Xmas gifts are waiting...

Mous MagSafe compatible wireless charger

For Mum

The Number 1 person on your list is always your mum - but she can be hard to buy for, so this tech gift guide is here to give you some excellent ideas.

A handy addition to a desk or bedside table, your mum’s Christmas gifts should include a wireless charger. There’s a few options depending on her device, so our Christmas gift guide will explain all. If your mum has an iPhone 13 or iPhone 12 the perfect tech gifts will be part of our Limitless 4.0 range. If she likes things neat and tidy, our MagSafe® compatible charger and stand comes with a unique cut out to allow the charging cable to pass through. Or if she owns an iPhone 11 or iPhone X then all her Christmas gifts should be part of our Limitless 3.0 range. Our AutoAlign+™ wireless charger pad which is also available with a stand. It’s available in our ever-popular walnut or best-selling aramid fibre so you’ll find one to match any home interior. 

Keep her AirPods safe, secure and stylish with our AirPod or AirPod Pro Cases. Made with our innovative AiroShock™ technology, they’re seriously protective and they come with a handy keychain so she can connect the case to almost anything she likes. Better still, they’re available in a range of stylish finishes so you’ll be guaranteed to perfectly complement her aesthetic.

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For Dad

Does your dad love having the latest gadgets? Well, this tech gift guide is going to help you get him the perfect tech Xmas gifts. 

If he’s got the most recent Apple Watch, then look no further than buying our just-launched Apple Watch strap. Small but beautiful, this strap is going to be the most comfortable gift you can get him this festive season. With a snug fit and a long, dark tapered finish to match any occasion, this strap has a pebbledash textured TPU lining which increases air flow to reduce irritation from sweat, so that your dad can change his game without changing his strap.

Mous MagSafe compatible flip wallet

Dads are always looking for ways to keep their valuables safe and what better thing to get him for his Christmas gifts this year? We have the perfect tech accessories to help you do that in this Christmas gift guide. Get him a MagSafe or AutoAlign+™ compatible card wallet and he’ll never worry about keeping his valuables safe again. Boasting a slim design, our selection of card wallets can connect seamlessly to his phone case. Or for more functionality, give him an AutoAlign+™ flip wallet with a stand, so he can easily view his screen in landscape while still holding all those essentials in place.

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For The Kids

You’ve got to love the little things and if they’ve got a new phone this Christmas, they’ll want some tech gifts to go with it. What better place to find them than this tech gift guide? 

They definitely need a super-protective phone case to stop any damage from drops, falls, throws, wobbles, carelessness or accidents. They’re kids, after all. Constructed with a rigid backplate our MagSafe compatible Infinity case gives a sleek look combined with ultimate protection keeping their phone secure while still being crystal clear so they can still admire their phone.

Mous magnetic wireless charger and protective phone case

Don’t forget, your perfect tech Xmas gifts should be paired with a screen protector - it’s an absolute must. We have a selection of hybrid glass screen protectors, tempered glass screen protectors and TPU screen protectors so you can be sure that you have the right tech gifts to give maximum protection from all the great spills and little finger smudges on Christmas day.

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For That Person You Don’t Know What To Get

Lucky for you, this Christmas gift guide doesn’t forget that person you’re just not quite sure what to get. Buying them tech accessories will always be a winner so for a comprehensive tech gift guide, look no further. 

Mous MagSafe compatible suction mount and wrist strap and protective case

Our AutoAlign+™ wall mounts have a slim design, making them the perfect addition to a bathroom mirror or kitchen wall. Once placed, it’s strong and secure and gives you hands-free functionality. With this addition to the home, the recipient will wonder how they ever lived without it before. 

If you know they’ve just got a new piece of Apple tech, it’s time to buy them a new iPad case. Choose from a case for their iPad, iPad Pro or iPad Air - all of them will be totally protective and super functional, thanks to our innovative AiroFoam™ technology and four standing angles.

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Stocking Fillers

Need something tiny to put in a stocking in addition to your Christmas gifts? Our smallest tech accessories will be the best fit. Read through this tech gift guide for our small but perfect ideas. 

Available in a wide range of colours to suit anybody’s aesthetic, our range of wrist straps are ideal for anyone who has a habit of losing their phone - it keeps it close and it keeps it safe. Sleek, lightweight and adjustable for any wrist size, this little stocking filler is great for all the big and little people in your life. 

Mous AirTag keychain case

This Apple AirTag keychain case is small but very, very clever. Crafted from real black leather, the lucky recipient can easily slip their Apple AirTag into the case and then attach it to whatever they want. Most importantly, it’s the perfect size to put in a stocking above the fireplace. Your tech gifts will help them keep everything safe this Christmas.

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This Christmas gift guide is full of ideas for tech gifts so you won’t be stuck this holiday season. Even more wonderful news for those looking for the perfect tech Xmas gifts. Right now at Mous, you can get tech gifts for less because our accessories are 20% off, so it’s the ideal time to buy your Christmas gifts. 

We hope this ultra protective and super stylish tech gift guide has given you all the inspiration you need. Put on your Santa hat, use our Christmas gift guide to write your list and find the perfect tech Xmas gifts for your loved ones! 

Our little tech accessories in this tech gift guide make a big difference and really elevate your everyday experiences. They’re little things with limitless potential.

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