Kelly Anna x Mous Collabs

When we launched Mous Collabs earlier this year, we knew we wanted to add some colour and diversity to our range of cases – and that's when we reached out to London-based artist, Kelly Anna.

Kelly Anna's work is all about capturing movement and sports with bold, dynamic lines. We've been fans of her art for a while and this collaboration was the perfect opportunity to bring something fresh and exciting to our customers.

In a way, it's like we were destined to collaborate. Kelly Anna's focus on movement and sport complements our high-performing products that facilitate active lifestyles. And with these new case designs, we've taken it up a notch, adding bursts of vibrant colours and interesting brushstrokes.


“The reason I chose to work with Mous is because their role within sports and working with athletes is quite prominent and obviously with a lot of my work that’s what it’s based around: movement and sport. It felt like a natural link.” – Kelly Anna


We had an absolute blast working with Kelly Anna on designing this new collection. Check out the video above to go behind the scenes of Kelly Anna x Mous Collabs. See her creative process, learn what inspires her and witness how her art brings new life to our products.

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