We put our IntraLock® mount to the test… with a 160ft bungee jump!

This. This is our most difficult stunt to date.

Last year, we took our brand-new iPhone 14 cases to Lake Bray, Windsor, to put them to the ultimate test: dropping them from a 300ft bungee jump! Our CEO took the plunge… and the phone survived! 

But we didn’t stop there. Instead, we decided to up the ante and challenged ourselves to attach our IntraLock® mount to an iPhone 14 (in a Mous case) from – wait for it – a 160ft bungee jump. Impossible, right? 

We had complete confidence in the magnetic precision of our IntraLock® mount, but this would require pinpoint accuracy to the millimetre. Did we succeed? Watch the video above to find out!

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