The Mous MagSafe Compatible Range

Welcome to Mous’s MagSafe® compatible range of cases and accessories. Known for our years of magnetic development and innovation, we have responded to Apple’s MagSafe range with a real bang. Check out the first installment in our MagSafe compatible range, including cases, wallets and charger accessories for Apple’s MagSafe.

MagSafe Compatible Phone Cases 

Here at Mous, we are committed to developing best-in-class products in response to real customer problems and in the context of the fast-changing landscape of tech design. With a bunch of direct experience, we knew we could create a range of cases which are MagSafe compatible and offer real, superior protection. And so, Limitless 4.0 and Infinity were born. 

Protective MagSafe Compatible Cases

Cases need to be extremely slim to be MagSafe compatible but most extremely protective cases are thick and bulky. We were perfectly situated to create a protective MagSafe compatible case because we’ve spent years developing cases which are sleek but offer supreme drop defense. We engineer our cases with tough, rigid materials like aramid fibre (used in spacecraft) and polycarbonate (used in fighter jets). Because the materials are so tough, we can use very little of them, keeping our cases light and slim. This means Limitless 4.0 and Infinity cases are still extremely protective, despite being fully MagSafe compatible. 

Magnetic MagSafe Compatible Cases 

Our MagSafe compatible cases had to be completely magnetically optimised. Having developed our own AutoAlign+™ magnetic technology, our in-house engineering team were able to dive into developing high-quality magnetic cases which would enhance the MagSafe experience. Engineered with 38 perfectly positioned magnets, these are both hugely innovative cases. To minimise material between the magnetic array and magnetic add-ons, the Limitless 4.0 and Infinity magnets have been integrated into a shallow groove between the layers of the case. This is a sophisticated and unique approach to maintaining the strongest possible hold between the MagSafe compatible case and accessories.

Limitless 4.0 - MagSafe Compatible; Infinity - MagSafe Compatible 

Limitless 4.0 is the latest iteration of our signature Limitless case range, now fully MagSafe compatible. Famed for being seriously protective, unbeatably stylish and limitlessly useful, our MagSafe compatible Limitless cases are just as impressive as their predecessors. Infinity is our first ever fully magnetically compatible, completely crystal clear case. It’s built for MagSafe connectivity and protection while showcasing the native aesthetic of the iPhone 12. 

MagSafe Compatible Accessories 

We know first-hand the power of an ecosystem of accessories, and so we’ve responded to Apple’s MagSafe with a range of useful MagSafe compatible accessories. 

Our MagSafe Compatible Card Wallet builds on our existing Card Wallet design. It incorporates a new, revolutionary silicone dot design to ensure that the wallet has a completely reliable hold to both MagSafe cases and naked iPhones. 

Our two charger accessories - a MagSafe Compatible Charger Dock and MagSafe Compatible Charger Stand - expand the possibilities of what you can do with a MagSafe Charger. Our Dock keeps the charger securely attached to any flat surface. The Stand is perfect for mounting an iPhone 12 at the optimal viewing angle. The perfect MagSafe compatible accessories for your MagSafe Charger. 

The Future of Our MagSafe Compatible Range 

Our MagSafe compatible ecosystem will continue to grow over the next few months. Watch this space as we bring some of our signature accessory designs to the MagSafe landscape. We always makes products that compliment the latest devices and tech innovations, and Apple’s MagSafe is no exception. The first installment of our MagSafe compatible ecosystem of products is available to order now.  

Mous. Live without limits. 


Mous was created on the realisation that phone cases were often protective and bulky, or aesthetic and flimsy. We found a balance between the two, creating beautifully crafted phone cases that also prevent damage to your smartphone during impacts. We want to expand the experiences you have with your tech, all of our cases are built and engineered to make your tech even more useful. We have a range of phone accessories, and even iPad Cases.

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