What’s the Purpose of a Wireless Charger?

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In the last few years, and particularly since Apple started enabling iPhones with MagSafe®, wireless charging has become very common. Almost all new phones are capable of working with wireless chargers. Some use MagSafe chargers or MagSafe compatible chargers, some use Qi-certified wireless chargers, some are compatible with a combination of options. But some people might be left wondering, what benefits does a wireless charger bring or why should you use your MagSafe charger. Read on to find out.

How does wireless charging work?

At its core, all wireless charging, including MagSafe wireless charging works by using magnetic fields. There’s a coil in your phone and a coil in the wireless charger. The wireless charging coil transmits energy across into your phone through electromagnetic fields. If you have a newer iPhone and a MagSafe charger or a MagSafe compatible charger, the compatible magnetic rings help the two coils to align perfectly for more efficient wireless charging. If you have a Limitless 3.0 phone case and an AutoAlign+™ wireless charger, the magnetic arrays in these work in a very similar way for the most efficient charge speeds. You can read more about how wireless charging works here.

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Is wireless charging safe?

If you have an iPhone, using a MagSafe charger or a MagSafe compatible charger can be much safer. If you have an Android phone, using a Qi-certified wireless charger can be safer too. Because all types of wireless charging involve fewer cables - MagSafe wireless charging or AutoAlign+™ - there’s less of a risk of frayed cables. Frayed cables can lead to stray sparks. Mous’s FlexLine cables are very strong to mitigate this risk, but wireless chargers also won’t cause damage to your charging port because you’re not using it!

What are the benefits of wireless charging?

As well as the safety benefits, wireless charging is very convenient. You can just pop your iPhone down on your MagSafe charger and not worry about fiddling with cables. Then you can pick it up from the MagSafe charger to answer a call or go for a walk really easily. Our MagSafe compatible charger includes an integrated 1.2m cable so if you want to keep charging as you answer that call, you still can. Wireless charging is safe, convenient, and pretty cool too.

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Are MagSafe charger mounts worth getting?

One of the key advantages of wireless charging is the convenience and versatility. A MagSafe charger mount expands your options for how you can charge your phone. If you have an iPhone enabled with MagSafe, wireless mount options from Mous include options for your car vent or a suction cup. These MagSafe compatible charger mounts will give you the freedom to charge your phone however you want, wherever you are. You can still view your phone while using a compatible with MagSafe charger mount. 

Like using any phone mount, there are lots of ways a MagSafe charger mount can make your life easier. If you’re following a recipe in your kitchen, take advantage of MagSafe. Wireless mounts, like our MagSafe compatible charger suction mount, mean fewer cables accidentally dropping in your cake batter. If you’re in the car and your battery is dropping on your phone enabled with MagSafe, charger mounts like our MagSafe compatible charger vent mount can give you the boost you need to get where you’re going. This is a huge advantage of MagSafe: charger cables won’t get in your way as you change gears or turn up your tunes.

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What are the MagSafe compatible charger options from Mous?

If you have an iPhone enabled with MagSafe, charger options are plentiful at Mous. Our MagSafe compatible charger is available if you prefer your phone on a desk or in your hand. You can also make the most of elevation options with MagSafe - charger mounts are a great option if you want to charge on the go or while using your phone. For your iPhone enabled with MagSafe, wireless mounts are convenient and versatile. You can shop the full range of MagSafe compatible chargers and AutoAlign+™ wireless chargers here.

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