iPhone 15 Pro vs F1 Car!

The iPhone 15 is here and in true Mous style, we’ve put our protective phone cases to the test in one of our most ambitious iPhone stunts to date!

Most phones would crack or damage if dropped from a stationary car. But we know our cases are made of tougher stuff, so we went and dropped the brand-new iPhone 15 Pro (worth £1,499) in a Mous case out of an F1 car hurtling down the racetrack at Drift Limits.

The big question: did it survive? Watch to find out. 

We also put our MagSafe® compatible suction mount and vent mount to the test in a drift car – and to push the limits further, we threw an iPhone 15 Pro in our Limitless 5.0 case out of the car while drifting at a blistering 60mph. 


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